First prize at “Science Hack Day”

                                                          FIRST PRIZE FOR SUN TRACKING SOLAR CELLS
 “Sun Tracking Solar Cells” exhibited by Ms. Kavya M. P., Asst.professor, Ms. Sriraksha, 5 th semester student, CSE dept in collaborationwith Mr. Harshad, Mr. Chetan and Mr. Siddarth has received first prize in “Science Hack Day”, a two day  International Science event held at Sankalp Bhumi  Belagavi on 22 nd & 23 rd October 2016.The two faculty Ms. Kavya M.P. of CSE Dept., & Mr. Sagar Waghmare of Civil Engg Department and Ms. Shri Raksha student of 5 th Sem CSE participated in the program.  Ms. Kavya & Mr Raksha reeived the first prize.

Sun Tracking Solar Cell is a model which is analogous to the Sunflower which always faces in the direction of the Sun. The prototype has three LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors) as sensors to sense the light intensity, two Servo motors to  move the cell in top, bottom, right and left directions and a Arduino development Kit to assist the model in logic. The LDR arm senses the light intensity and takes the deviation in the direction where intensity of the light is high. This model increases the efficiency of the solar cell by 30%  per day compared to the stationary solar cell.