Mechanical Engineering


The department of Mechanical Engineering strives to empower students with domain skills, research aptitude and human values for holistic development.


  • M1: To impart state-of-the-art technical knowledge through multimedia approach.
  • M2: To educate, mentor and inspire students to excel as successful professionals ready to meet global challenges in Mechanical Sciences.
  • M3: To inspire for taking up research activities to address local, industrial and societal needs.
  • M4: To develop Entrepreneurial aptitude by inculcating ethical and moral values and by developing communication skills.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1: To enable graduates to comprehend, analyze and solve Mechanical Engineering problems by applying principles of mathematics, science, and engineering using modern tools, techniques and skills. (M1, M2).
  • PEO2: To empower graduates the technical and professional knowledge to achieve excellence in professional life and to pursue higher education. (M2, M3)
  • PEO3: To make graduates recognize the importance and engage in life long process of learning through self study, continuing education courses and workshops. (M2, M3)
  • PEO4: To train graduates with effective communication and entrepreneurial skills to excel in national, international, multi-cultural and multi-national organizations. (M1, M3, M4)
  • PEO5: To inculcate in graduates the awareness of ethical, societal and environmental issues associated with engineering practices. (M3, M4)
  • PE06 : Prepare students to identify & analyse mechanical engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using principles of mathematics, and engineering.

  • PE07 : Enhance an ability to work on projects using multi disciplinary tools professionally.

  • PE08 : Inculcate an ability among the students to apply the knowledge of mechanical engineering in solving economical, environmental and societal problems.