Electronics & Communication Engineering


The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering strives to develop responsive teaching–learning methodology, research and employable skills in allied fields by empowering students to become globally competent and socially responsible citizens.

  • M1: To develop an active learning environment that ensures participation of students in both curricular as well as co-curricular activities by adopting student centric approach catering to the diverse needs of the student community.
  • M2: To foster research, innovation and creativity amongst students by motivating them to have in-depth knowledge of engineering fundamentals in respective fields.
  • M3: To encourage development of entrepreneurial skills amongst students by imparting quality education and value added skills required for sustainable and holistic development.
  • M4: To inculcate amongst students team-spirit, leadership qualities, positive attitude and effective communication skills to solve societal needs.
  • PEO1: To reinforce the concepts and fundamentals in mathematics, science and engineering to cultivate problem solving skills and to enthuse for higher studies.
  • PEO2: To empower our graduates with comprehensive knowledge in the domain area.
  • PEO3: To provide an opportunity to enhance practical knowledge by developing conceptual and design skills with innovative ideas.
  • PEO4: To prepare graduates to use modern tools, techniques and skills to apply the technical skills in various pertinent topics of the domain area.
  • PEO5: To nurture graduates with knowledge of management and engineering disciplines that assists in strengthening entrepreneurial qualities, efficient communication skills and ethics needed for a professional career.

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S.No Name Qualification Post Phone No Email ID
1 Dr. K.Prabhushetty M.E,Ph.D Professor & H.O.D 9448304535 kprabhushetty1@gmail.com
2 Dr. Ravi M. Yadahalli M.E,Ph.D Professor & Dean (Exam)  9480388278  yadahalliravim@gmail.com
3 Mr. Veeresh M.Hiremath M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 9902071614 vireshblh@gmail.com
4 Mr. Virupaxi B.Dalal M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 9886172899 virupaxi.dalal@yahoo.com
5 Mrs. Vidya Abdulpur MTech Assistant Professor  9008892072  vidyamohan.123@gmail.com
6 Mrs. Shilpa Bhairanatti M.Tech Assistant Professor 8050048421 shilpasky2121@gmail.com
7 Mrs. Anita Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor  9901454599  asp29may@gmail.com
8 Mr. Jagadish Jakati M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 9900571397 jagadishjs30@gmail.com
9 Mr. Vinayak Honnungar M.Tech Assistant Professor 9739459816 honnungarvinayak@yahoo.com
10 Mr. Siddaramayya Mathad M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 9845274248 siddu.matad@gmail.com
11 Mr. Harsha H. Kakaraddi M.Tech Assistant Professor 9036270782 harsha51288@gmail.com
12 Mr. Shankargouda Patil M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 9740843326 shankar.a.patil@gmail.com
13 Mr. Narayan A.Badiger M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 8861492074 shri.07@gmail.com
14 Mr. Sujay Gejji M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 9164187135 sujaypesit@gmail.com
15 Mr. Sunil Harakannanavar M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 8050212930 sunilsh143@gmail.com
16 Mr. Vijaykumar Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor 9591320257 vijay_patil@yahoo.in
17 Ms. Veena I.Puranikmath M.Tech Assistant Professor 8867129509 veenaip043@gmail.com
18 Ms. Kavya M P M.Tech Assistant Professor 9945818392 kavyamp025@gmail
19 Mrs. Arati B.S M.Tech Assistant Professor 9845828433 aartibsraji@gmail.com
20 Mrs. Soumya Halagatti M.Tech Assistant Professor 9880443833 soumya.gadag5@gmail.com
21 Mr. Kiran Nandi M.Tech Assistant Professor 9035745709 kiran123zzz@gmail.com
22 Mr. Anandraddi N. M.Tech Assistant Professor 8970704306 anandreddi002@gmail.com
23 Mr. Mahadevappa Mugalihal M.Tech Assistant Professor 8867208155 mahadev.f.m@gmail.com
24 Mrs. Vidyashree R K M.Tech Assistant Professor 9742074326 vidyashreerk1992@gmail.com
Technical Staff
S.No Name Qualification Phone No Email ID
1 Mr. Umesh Nadiger Diploma Foremen 8762888880 umeshndr@gmail.com
2 Mr. Gajanan Tikandar Diploma Instructor 8951063593 gajanant@gmail.com
3 Mr. Vijay Mulimani Diploma Instructor 9036492136 vijaymulimani9@gmail.com
4 Ms.Megha patil BE Instructor 9742104587 patilmegha968@gmail.com
5 Ms.Madhavi S. Hiremath Diploma Instructor 7259173857 maadhushiremath94@gmail.com
6 Mr. Santosh S ITI Asst Instructor 9972773144 shymanawarsantosh1@gmail.com
Supporting Staff
7 Mr. Sidram Bailur ITI Attender 7353167154  bailursidram@gmail.com
8 Mr. Sunil Majati. ITI Attender 8722430781 -
9 Mr. Iranna  B. S.S.L.C Attender 9731811682 iru@gmail.com

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