Electrical & Electronics Engineering

                                    Vision of Department
To impart high quality Electrical and Electronics engineering education and
empower students with technical, innovative and managerial skills to compete with
rapid changing global challenges.
Mission of Department
a) To develop creativity, innovation, problem solving skill and academic
excellence in Electrical and Electronics engineering.
b) To foster research and developmental activities in the fields of Electrical and
Electronics engineering.
c) To inculcate leadership qualities and team spirit by motivating to participate in
various events related to Electrical and Electronics engineering.
d) To develop entrepreneurial skills in the field of Electrical and Electronics

                       Programme Educational Objectives
PEO1. Prepare students to identify, formulate and solve challenging engineering
PEO2. Promote an educational environment which ignites ideas, promote talents
and imbibe value systems.
PEO3. Provide an educational foundation to work productively as Electrical and
Electronics Engineer and communicate their ideas effectively.
PEO4. Enhance research capabilities to meet the Global needs and Collaborate
with other institutes and industries for enhancing the skills.
PEO5. Encourage students to remain abreast with the latest in the profession.