Civil Engineering


To impart quality education and inculcate professionalism in Civil Engineering with global perspectives, and make students ethically strong to contribute to the growth of the nation.


  • M1: To promote innovative and creative thinking with domain knowledge in students to face the global challenges.
  • M2: To inculcate professionalism, and to foster students to contribute to the society through their problem solving capabilities.
  • M3: To develop the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour blended with ethical values to deal with the demands and challenges of professional life.
  • M4: To strive for excellence in Civil Engineering.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1: To acquire fundamentals and core competence in basic science, mathematics and Civil Engineering so as to analyse and solve Civil Engineering problems. (M1)
  • PEO2: To develop soft skills in students. (M2, M3)
  • PEO3: To create an ambience that inculcates qualities such as honesty and integrity (M2, M3)
  • PEO4: To have a broad and well integrated background in the concepts and theories required to plan, analyse, design and manage Civil Engineering problems (M1,M3)
  • PEO5: To encourage students to develop creative, innovative and research aptitudes. (M1, M2, M4).